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Advertisements On Social Media Platforms To Be Paused By Starbucks


Advertisements On Social Media Platforms To Be Paused By Starbucks
All advertisements on social media will be stopped by Starbucks Corp in its efforts to try and stop the spread of hate speech, the global coffee chain said in a statement. 
The company will "have discussions internally and with media partners and civil rights organizations to stop the spread of hate speech," the statement said.
However, YouTube, which is owned by Alphabet Inc's Google, will not be among the social media platforms on which the company Starbucks will stop putting up advertisements, said reports. The company though will continue to post on social media but will not indulge in paid promotions.
Even though the company would be pausing advertising on social media, it will not actually joining the "Stop Hate For Profit" boycott campaign which was started earlier this month, said the reports.
The "Stop Hate For Profit" boycott campaign calls for companies to stop buying ads on Facebook Inc , the world's largest social media platform and more than 160 companies, including Verizon Communications and Unilever Plc , have joined the campaign.
In fact a report by news agency Reuters has said that the support to the "Stop Hate For Profit" boycott campaign on Facebook has drawn huge support for businesses and the list of companies joining the campaign is increasing to the extent that the organizers of the campaign are now preparing to take the campaign global. The aim of the campaign is to increase pressure on the social media company to remove hate speech.
Jim Steyer, chief executive of Common Sense Media, said in an interview with Reuters on Saturday that the campaign will now approach major companies in Europe to support the campaign and boycott engaging in paid advertisements and promotions on Facebook. More than 160 major companies have signed up to the campaign and will not be purchasing ads on Facebook in the month of July.
After the death of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man killed by Minneapolis police, the campaign was launched by Free Press and Common Sense, along with U.S. civil rights groups Color of Change and the Anti-Defamation League.
"The next frontier is global pressure," Steyer said and added that the hope of the campaigners is to prod the European regulators to take on a tougher stance against Facebook. A set of new guidelines for tech companies, including Facebook was implemented by the European Commission in June according to which, the tech companies would have to submit monthly reports about the companies are tackling misinformation about coronavirus.
The "Stop Hate For Profit" boycott campaign hat was initially directed on Facebook, has now been expanded to include other digital advertising platforms such as Twitter.

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