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According To Latest Data, Sale Of iPhone In China Increased By 52% In April

According To Latest Data, Sale Of iPhone In China Increased By 52% In April
Data from a research organisation associated with the Chinese government shows that Apple's smartphone sales in China increased 52% in April compared to the same month last year, continuing a recent upward trend.
The increase comes after the American tech giant underperformed in the largest smartphone market in the world earlier in the year, with local competitors like Huawei stepping up their fight in the high-end smartphone segment.
According to figures released on Tuesday by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), the number of foreign-branded phones shipped into China rose by 52% in April to 3.495 million units, up from 2.301 million units the previous year.
Premarket trade saw a 2.3% increase in Apple's shares.
Apple is the leading foreign phone manufacturer in China's smartphone market, even though the report did not specifically name the business.
This implies that Apple's performance is to blame for the rise in shipments of goods bearing foreign brands.
March saw a 12% increase in Apple's exports to China, which is a notable improvement from the company's 37% decline in sales during the first two months of 2024.
With Apple starting an aggressive pricing campaign this month on its own Tmall site in China, giving discounts of up to 2,300 yuan ($318) on various iPhone models, sales might get an additional lift in May.
Following the company's announcement of an 8.1% decline in second-quarter revenue from the Greater China area, Apple CEO Tim Cook predicted earlier this month that iPhone sales will increase in a number of regions, including China.
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The price cut, which is twice as large as the one it gave in February, coincides with Huawei launching its new line of high-end smartphones, the Pura 70, last month. The Mate 60 was first released in August of last year.
As the second-largest smartphone vendor in China, Huawei surpassed Apple in the first quarter and is stepping up its retail strategy by expanding its network of flagship shops and retail distributors. Honour, a Huawei subsidiary, is first.
According to figures from the CAICT, China had a 25.5% rise in overall smartphone sales in April, reaching 22.7 million devices.

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