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A Subscription Based Service For Remote Working To Be Launched By Ericsson

A Subscription Based Service For Remote Working To Be Launched By Ericsson
A new subscription service for the employees engaged in remote working in North America was launched by the Swedish technology firm Ericsson on Tuesday.
Under this new subscription service, employees working from home – especially those of small businesses, would be able to begin working from home in minutes if they subscribe to licensed apps of the company which will also give them access to the company’s cloud storage and security tools.
One of the leading companies in the manufacturing of telecom equipment for phone companies, Ericsson has benefited from the sale of 5G telecom equipment across the world in recent time. The company is now seeking to diversify into other business segments as well.
A customer of the new subscription will be able to purchase the applications from a marketplace and then use them to gain access to the platform from any device. There will also be no need for such users to have a dedicated IT technician for setting up the system.
Åsa Tamsons, head of business area technologies and new businesses at Ericsson, said that owners of small business using the service of the company will not only be able to allow their employees to get activated in minutes but will also have the opportunity to decide which employees can get access to certain apps or capabilities.
She said that the subscription starts at around $100 per employee per month.
For offering access to various business applications such as Microsoft Office suite and cloud-based graphic design software, agreements with many companies have been struck by Ericsson.
However according to analysts, this new subscription of the company will face competition from smaller companies that provide remote desktop products to big tech companies such as Microsoft and Cisco  that sells software that caters to remote working and working from home.
According to the estimates of Ericsson, the value of the total potential market for this kind of virtual workplace services in the United States alone is about $90 billion which represents about 40 per cent of the total workforce of the country.
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a vast majority of the employees in the country to work from home which has created issues and challenges for employers in providing IT support for such employees as well as ensuring security of their networks.
A partnership with the technology services distributor Telarus has been struck by it doe selling of the subscriptions for the platform, Ericsson said.
Tamsons said that initially, the company had begun work on this service with just two employees back in March of 2020 and it later hired more than 100 employees and has now bought a virtual desktop company.

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