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A Marketing Firm Has Filed A Trademark Complaint Against Elon Musk's X

A Marketing Firm Has Filed A Trademark Complaint Against Elon Musk's X
A legal-marketing firm filed a lawsuit against X Corp, formerly known as Twitter, in federal court in Florida on Monday, alleging that the social media giant's new name violates its trademark featuring the letter "X."
According to the complaint filed by X Social Media, Elon Musk's X Corp, which changed its name from Twitter to X in July, was likely to confuse customers.
This appears to be the first of several trademark conflicts over the letter "X," which is frequently used in tech branding, with Musk's company.
Numerous federal trademarks belonging to businesses including Microsoft and Meta Platforms contain "X" in their mark. Last month, X Corp submitted a trademark application for the letter in the United States.
There were no comments on the controversy available from X Corp and X Social Media.
The advertising firm X Social Media is situated in Windermere, Florida, and specialises in class action lawsuits. According to the organization's website, Jacob and Roseanna Malherbe formed it in 2015 to help citizens of the Florida Panhandle find lawyers in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
According to the lawsuit, the company has been using the name "X Social Media" since 2016 and is the owner of a federal trademark for it. It said that in order to attract prospective customers, it had spent more than $400 million on Facebook advertising.
The business said that Twitter's rebranding has already left customers perplexed and cost it money.
"In a short time, X Corp has wielded its social media clout, marketing resources, and overall national notoriety to dominate consumer perception of its 'X' mark," the lawsuit said.
In addition to asking the court to order Musk's business to stop using the "X" name, X Social Media also sought unspecified monetary damages.

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