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1,800 Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans Ordered By Amazon For Its European Deliveries

1,800 Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans Ordered By Amazon For Its European Deliveries, the largest e-commerce platform of the world, placed an order for 1,800 electric vans from the German auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. The company plans to use these low carbon emission vehicles for expanding its delivery fleet in its European business. 
The company will start using the electric vehicles prior to the end of the current year. About 800 of the vehicles will be used by the company in Germany while about 500 of them will be used of deliveries in the United Kingdom.
According to reports, 600 midsize eVitos and 1,200 larger eSprinters, Mercedes-Benz's newest electric commercial van, were included in the order that was placed with the German auto company by the online retailer.
This is the largest electric vehicle order ever for Mercedes-Benz. has pledged to reduce carbon emissions from its delivery operations all over the world and the company is now growing its fleet of electric vans as part of that sustainability plan. Previously in September 2019, the company had ordered 100,000 from a United States based startup Rivian Automotive LLC. Amazon is also an investor of the US based electric vehicle startup.
In 2019, the climate pledge was launched by Amazon according to which all member companies are prompted to become carbon neutral by 2040. That would be 10 years prior to the target for carbon neutrality as set by the Paris Agreement.
That pledge was made by Mercedes-Benz as it joined The Climate Pledge on Friday, which was originally was started by Amazon. The German auto company had earlier promised to have a carbon neutral fleet by 2039. And by the end of 2020, the company plans to have five fully-electric models and more than 20 plug-in hybrids.
The electric vans ordered by the company are part of the company's "journey to build the most sustainable transportation fleet in the world", said CEO Jeff Bezos.
The investment was described by Fabio Massimo Castaldo, vice president of the European Parliament, as a "strong and concrete sign of [Amazon's] commitment and alignment to EU priorities."
In July, Amazon announced that it would begin delivering groceries to some Amazon Prime members in the UK for free.
Most of the electric vehicles ordered by Amazon are from Daimler AG’s car and vans division, Amazon said. Previously in 2018, Amazon had ordered 20,000 vehicles of Mercedes’ non-electric Sprinter vans for delivery contractors which made the retailer the largest customer for those vehicles.
“Moving forward, we are prioritizing the addition of electric vehicles,” Ross Rachey, Amazon’s director of global fleet and products for last-mile delivery told the media.
A push for creating larger electric fleets is also being made by other delivery companies. For example, 10,000 delivery trucks from UK-based Arrival Ltd was ordered by United Parcel Service Inc in January this year.
Efforts of bringing into the market electric vans are also being propped up by rivals of Daimler. Launching of its all-electric version of its Transit van in North America is being planned by Ford Motor Co in 2022. Production of an electric van in late 2021 id being planned by General Motors Co.

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