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10 More 5G Compliant Phones To Be Launched By Xiaomi Next Year: CEO

10 More 5G Compliant Phones To Be Launched By Xiaomi Next Year: CEO
Two 5G smartphones have already been launched by the rising Chinese tech giant Xiaomi this year.
And the company has now announced that it would be launching 10 new models of 5G complaint phones in the next year. This was announced by the company CEO Lei Jun.
The company has unveiled Mi MIX 3 5G and Mi 9 Pro 5G phones so far this year - with the Mi 9 Pro 5G being launched just a couple of months ago while the Mi MIX 3 5G was announced to be launched earlier this year.
Given the current rate of construction of 5G mobile phone networks in many countries, smartphone makers do not want to lag behind. This was evident this year as a number of companies launched 5G compliant smartphones. The names include the likes of Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung, and Vivo.
Following up on its momentum of launching of 5G phones, Xiaomi’s CEO has confirmed the launch of 10 new such models in 2020, claimed a report coming from However the phones would likely not be available in the countries that are yet to construct 5G networks.
According to the report, the new 5G Xiaomi smartphones are most likely to be launched in China initially because the country has already constructed enough 5G networks and is 5G-ready. In fact China is among the first countries to become completely 5G ready and have complete 5G compliant networks. Accepting pre-subscriptions for 5G have already been started by the top three mobile service carriers in China. More than 9.3 subscribers in China has already enrolled for 5G connections even before the mobile service providing networks were officialy ready to roll out the services according to latest reports.
The name of the 5G smartphones that the company plans to launch next year were not confirmed by the Xiaomi CEO. However according to reports the company is already near completion of the development phases of the smartphones.
Among the two 5G compliant smartphones launched by Xiaomi this year, the Mi MIX 3 5G is the 5G edition of the standard Mi MIX 3 which was launched by the company last year. On the other hand the Mi 9 Pro 5G is the 5G compliant model variation of the Mi 9 Pro which was unveiled at the start of the current year.
Some of the major rivals of Xiaomi are also reportedly preparing to launch a host of 5G compliant smartphones next year. 
In an interaction with the media after the launch of OnePlus 7T Pro is London earlier this month OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said, "We launched the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G device in a few different countries." Lau further said, "It's not related to a Pro series or T series or another device that must have 5G. Instead, we are looking at what are the circumstances and what's the suitable opportunity to build a 5G device," said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau while talking to the media on the sidelines of a function to launch its OnePlus 7T Pro in London earlier this month.

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